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Slide Drawers

Slide Drawers for Racks & Utes

Organisation has never been easier with ReVamp AutoFit's exciting range of standard slide drawers. They have been designed to fit most makes and models of commercial vans and utes and can even be fitted into tradesman trailers. They are made from quality 1.6mm powdercoated black steel with 100kg rated heavy duty slides per drawer. They also included superior stainless steel lockable T-handles. They can be fitted on there own or for a complete organisation of your work vehicle add a false floor with racking fitted above.
SD1200/490 1200L x 490W x 320H 1195L x 418W x 270H 100kg 1000mm
SD1200/620 1200L x 620W x 320H 1195L x 548W x 270H 100kg 1000mm
SD1200/900 1200L x 900W x 320H 1195L x 828W x 270H 100kg 1000mm
SD1200/1000 1200L x 1000W x 320H 1195L x 928W x 270H 100kg 1000mm
SD1200/1200 1200L x 1200W x 320H 1195L x 1128W x 270H 100kg 1000mm
SD1400/490 1400L x 490W x 320H 1395L x 418W x 270H 180kg 1300mm
SD1400/620 1400L x 620W x 320H 1395L x 548W x 270H 180kg 1300mm
SD1400/900 1400L x 900W x 320H 1395L x 828W x 270H 180kg 1300mm
SD1400/1000 1400L x 1000W x 320H 1395L x 928W x 270H 180kg 1300mm
SD1400/1200 1400L x 1200W x 320H 1395L x 1128W x 270H 180kg 1300mm
SD1500/490 1500L x 490W x 320H 1495L x 418W x 270H 180kg 1400mm
SD1500/620 1500L x 620W x 320H 1495L x 548W x 270H 180kg 1400mm
SD1500/900 1500L x 900W x 320H 1495L x 828W x 270H 180kg 1400mm
SD1500/1000 1500L x 1000W x 320H 1495L x 928W x 270H 180kg 1400mm
SD1500/1200 1500L x 1200W x 320H 1495L x 1128W x 270H 180kg 1400mm

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